The Waliya Khurasan Industry manufacture beautiful and functional tools in every way! Our Instruments catalog have a great choice for Professionals. Our High-Quality Stainless-Steel jewelry measuring tools used to apply jewelry making by professionals. We have all variety of jewelry measuring tools included, Measuring Gauge, Degree Gauge, Degree Gauge Centre Point, Measuring Gauge Brass, Measuring Gauge Brass 80mm, Scale Foot 1/12", Measuring Caliper With Lock, Measuring Caliper, Degree Gauge, Divider, Prong Lifter and etc. We give the appropriate products rates to our customers and on time delivery as well.


·         Personal needs measuring calipers. Delicate, compact and convenient.


·         A must for jewelry making, beading, crafts, modelling and the like.


·         Used for measuring beads/gems and other small objects.


·         Has both metric and imperial measurements.


·         Pure copper makes high-end atmosphere and upgrade Scale marked in millimeters, ultra-precision and effortless operation.


·         Precision measuring instrument for delicate items – essential tool for jewelers.


·         Solid brass is non-magnetic, non-rusting and more gentle than hardened steel calipers.


  • Material: Stainless steel, Hi Carbon, Stainless steel, Steel and Etc.
  • All Colors and sizes are available as customer requirements.
  • Finish: Polished Chrome / Stain Chrome/ Black Coated/ Paper Coated, Titanium, Multi Color & all Colors.

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