The Waliya Khurasan Industry manufacture beautiful and functional tools in every way! Our Instruments catalog have a great choice for Professionals. Our High-Quality Hammers used to apply jewelry making by professionals. We have all variety of Hammers included Forming hammers, Chasing hammer, Ballpein hammers, Brass hammer, Goldsmith-hammers, Nylon hammers, Texture-hammers, and Hammer sets. We are making high quality line of finely detailed designer hammers. They are perfect for texturing, riveting, forming, planishing, embossing, getting into tight places, and so much more. Our Hammers are made of highly polished steel and burnish your metal as you work, saving time and making your work more productive and fun as you create the perfect finish on your jewelry designs. Featuring a stylish matte black finish, the heads are securely pinned in place, making them safe and reliable. We give the appropriate products rates to our customers and on time delivery as well.


Usage: The Hammers for working in confined areas and use for molding into beautiful designs. The Hammers that are perfect for texturing, riveting, forming, planishing, embossing, getting into tight places, and so much more. You must have tool set for art and craft, and other hobby work.

Function: Hammers are often used with disks but can be used to dome any metal shape.

Dimensions: The Hammers available in all sizes as customers required.

Material: Stainless steel and Brass, Aluminum, Nylon. The antirust oil may be appeared on the tools, it will not affect the function.

Packaging: We are offer all packaging just like Poly bags, Pouch, Plastic blister, art-card box and as customer requirements.

Customer: All our products come with a 100% manufacturing guarantee.


  • Material: Brass, Stainless steel, Wooden, Casting steel, Nylon, Aluminum and Etc.
  • All Colors and sizes are available as customer requirements.
  • Finish: Polished Chrome / Stain Chrome/ Black Coated/ Paper Coated, Titanium, Multi Color & all Colors.


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