Made from high quality stainless steel with perfection and satisfactory performance. Used by professional manicurist.

Our all Hair Extension Pliers range are available in all different finishes. Finish includes the Mirror Polish, Brush Satin, Half Gold Plated, Full Gold Plated, Half Color Painted, Full Color Painted, Decal Finish. Also, these are available with plastic handles in many colors.

Pliers could be supplied together with Needle Crotchet as set or kit both in special or regular packing.

Our Services:

All our quality instruments could be supplied with customer logo branding.

We offer different types of logo printing and placement options.

We have number of packing options to match customer needs.

We can also customized the packing as per customer requirements.

We also provide new products development service to our customers.

Other Products Range:

We also supply many other Manicure Instruments and Pedicure Instruments in Beauty Implements range. This including high quality professional razor edge barber scissors/shears, titanium coated barber scissors/shears, professional thinning scissors, titanium coated thinning scissors, standard barber scissors, standard thinning scissors, nail nippers, nail cutters, cuticle nippers, eyebrow tweezers, shaving razors, pushers, cleaners, household scissors, embroidery and fancy scissors, cuticle scissors, nail scissors, multipurpose scissors and manicure kits.


MaterialStainless Steel
Steel Type420
Size10cm, 11cm, 12cm, 13cm
FinishDull / Mirror / Color
Required Hardness52 to 55 HRC.
Furnace Temperature900 °C  to 1100 °C
PackingBlister / Pouch / Card Box

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